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Updates and improvements to Prismic Templates

New features, bug fixes and new slices - you get these as part of your subscription. Here is a list of the latest ones.

17th March 2023

Manage redirects within Prismic

Your marketing team has the ability to manage redirects straight within Prismic without having to contact you. You can still add manual redirects from within the codebase of course.

29th January 2023

Upgrade packages

Upgrade all packages within our codebase, including Next.js to v13

29th January 2023

Remove Typescript support

We made the decision to drop support for Typescript for several reasons:

  • Not everyone uses Typescript. This means that if you buy the template and don't want to use Typescript, you will have to spend a lot of time converting the Typescript files over to Javascript
  • Code complexity - it makes the codebase more complicated to maintain and understand.
  • If you want to use Typescript, you can still do it yourself while building the website

29th January 2023

Pricing - single tier variation

  • Added a single tier variation to the Pricing slice to allow for simple lifetime membership deals

10th June 2022

Updates and refactoring

  • Use fetch parameter to query only the needed fields for the content post cards
  • Make Newsletter optional and dynamically import it
  • Refactor Code snippets for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager into its own components.
  • Improve accessibility for Footer social link icons
  • Add robots.txt file

9th June 2022

V1 Launch

Happy to announce that Version 1 of Prismic Templates is live.

Read out announcement blog post to learn more.

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