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Updates and improvements to Prismic Templates

New features, bug fixes and new slices - you get these as part of your subscription. Here is a list of the latest ones.

15th June 2022

Updates and bug fixes

  • Ability to set Default SEO within Prismic
  • New Features slice variation which allows you to add a custom icon
  • Download SVGs locally using react-inlinesvg allowing you to change the colour of SVGs if you need it
  • Update Logo Cloud slice logic to adjust the grid if there are a lot of logos
  • Remove secondary colour from tailwind config in order to simplify bootstrap of a new project. Developers that need a secondary colour can still add it
  • Bug fix: Add key to all dynamic pages in return in order to avoid issues with the dropdown menu of the header
  • Extract Logo into its own component for easier management

10th June 2022

Updates and refactoring

  • Use fetch parameter to query only the needed fields for the content post cards
  • Make Newsletter optional and dynamically import it
  • Refactor Code snippets for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager into its own components.
  • Improve accessibility for Footer social link icons
  • Add robots.txt file

9th June 2022

V1 Launch

Happy to announce that Version 1 of Prismic Templates is live.

Read out announcement blog post to learn more.

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