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Prismic Templates

Build scalable headless CMS websites faster

The perfect starting point for your next Prismic website. Focus on your website - not the boilerplate.

Built using a modern tech stack

Simple by design

Focus on your website's unique aspects

We've made the skeleton, so you can avoid spending days on coding the boilerplate.

You can still use Prismic Templates as a ready made solution and launch a fully-fledged website within an hour. But where this template really shines is when you need to build a fully-fledged website for your clients.

After you purchase a license, you own the codebase!

  1. Delete what you don't need
  2. Modify the designs to fit your client's requirements
  3. Add your own touches to make the website unique


A faster, more scalable and accessible web - one website at a time.

Building a scalable, performant, accessible and SEO optimised website is not an easy endeavour.

I've built dozens of websites and have seen the common challenges marketers and developers run into. I've also noticed the common requirements that my clients have - having the freedom to manage their own content and landing pages, blog setup, performance, SEO and translations.

Prismic templates gives you all of this out of the box, without having to do this from scratch for every website.

Slice machine

Reusable sections for your website

This template comes with an ever-growing Essential slice library. You are free to expand this library or change the designs however you see fit in order to meet your needs.

In the future, we'll collaborate with designers and developers to bring you even more Slice libraries.


Everything your website will need to get started

Prismic x Slice Machine

Slice Machine brings your the ability to create reusable components for your website. Scale your website as you see fit.

Essential Slices Library

The essential building blocks for every website.


We've set up primary/neutral colours via Tailwind's config. Update it as you please in order to fit your design.


We have optimised the Core Vital scores for you.

SEO configured

Meta tags / OG / Sitemap - configured with the help of SEO component.


We've spent a lot of time making sure this template is as assessable as possible.

Multi-folder support

Create pages such as "/services/seo/audit/" without any extra configuration.

Multi-language support

If you need to have multiple locales you can do so without any extra configuration.

Dark mode

Dark mode is already added to your website.


Table of Contents, social sharing, multiple categories/tags/authors

Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager

GA and GTM are automatically set up for you

Security Headers

All required security headers are configured for you by default.

Website Banner

Showcase a promo code, webinar or a new blog post

ES Lint + Prettier + Husky

A pre-commit has also been setup for you.

Header & Footer

Update your header and footer via Prismic

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